Enrollment Information


Prospective members should contact the dojo prior to their first visit to confirm the practice schedule and arrival. During their first visit, they will need to observe practice and ask any questions to the Head Instructor before or after practice. New students may begin practice anytime after their first visit. New students should also download, print out, and read the forms and documents below. These documents are also available at the dojo.

- Dojo Information (English | Japanese)
Rules for Trainees
Absence Form
- Dojo Cleaning Instructions
Application Form
Waiver of Injury Liability

* Note: Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files. Please visit Adobe.com to download.

New members must bring the following to their first day of practice:
- Completed Application Form and Waiver of Injury Liability form
- Payment for the annual federation dues and monthly dojo membership dues (see below); please make checks payable to OCB Kendo Dojo
- Shinai and tenegui; shinai are available from one of the kendo suppliers listed here and tenegui are available at the dojo for $5.00
- Comfortable, loose workout clothing

Annual Federation Dues

Southern California Kendo Federation (SCKF) All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF)
17 years and younger $14.00 $30.00
18 years and older (full-time student) $26.00 $30.00
18 years and older (non-student) $26.00 $60.00
One-time initiation fee (new students only or former AUSKF members who do not have an AUSKF ID number) n/a $10.00


OCB Kendo Dojo Monthly Membership Dues

Per student (all ages)

$22.00 / month

Annual federation dues are collected and payable by March. Monthly dojo membership dues are collected and payable on the first Tuesday practice of each month.

Separate fees are charged for tournament entry, promotional examinations (shinsa), certificates of rank (menjo), event lunches, special dojo events, and special federation events. Members are responsible for purchasing and maintaining their own uniform and equipment. Please contact a dojo sensei or senior student with any questions.


Rules and Duties


• Once becoming a member of OCB Kendo Dojo, you will be asked to help in various dojo functions and at local tournaments that take place throughout the year. Also, you will be asked on a rotational basis to clean up the gym floor and lobby before practice. Please arrive by 6:45 PM to mop the gym and vacuum the lobby before practice starts. If you cannot perform the clean up duty on your assigned date, please notify the Dojo Secretary or another dojo member who is willing to switch their clean up date. Dojo cleaning instructions are provided above.

• Practice is held every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. The dojo will also hold special practices and a kendo camp during the year. These announcements will be made at the dojo at the end of regular practice, sent via e-mail to all dojo members, and posted on the website.

• Absences: Members must refrain from any absence without a justifiable reason. However, in the event of a planned absence, an Absence Form must be filled out, signed by the Head Instructor and submitted to the Dojo Secretary one week prior to the planned absence. If the dojo is not informed of long absence or leaving, you must pay the monthly fee even if you did not attend practice.

• Adult kenshi and parents of the younger kenshi must help the parents association, attend dojo parents’ meetings, and support the Orange County Buddhist Church (OCBC) annual Hanamatsuri Festival (April) and Obon Festival (July).

Please contact a dojo sensei, dojo board member or senior kenshi with any questions or concerns regarding the above information.

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